Greetings fellow ultimate guitar members,
I have been playing acoustic guitar for quite a while now, and i would like to graduate to an electric guitar. You may not probably agree to this, but i would like to build my first electric (partscaster) i have a pretty good knowledge on what to do, but I'm having trouble deciding what sort of guitar to do. I like to play ska eg: Reel Big Fish, Sublime, Madness and the wailers. I also would like to play some Alt rock eg: Weezer, Greenday and Foo fighters. I really wan't a strat and not a les paul or any other type of guitar. But i need it to be diverse because it will be my last guitar for a while and i am having trouble deciding on whether to get a hardtail guitar or tremolo. My instinct would tel me to go with a hardtail because it is more like a tele, and they do ska pretty well. Also, because Rivers Cuomo, and Nile Rogers use hardtails and they do Funk And alt rock which is what i would like to do, So i initially thought this was the best choice. I would like a second opinion on this so if anyone can help, please do!

P.S I'm new here, so sorry for silly question.
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Quote by Pastafarian96
Welcome and definitely not a silly question! Personally I'd go with a hardtail, ska is rarely found to have tremolo dips or rises I've noticed.

thanks dude, thought that would be the best choice.