I need some tips on how to make this mix better.
EZDrummer 2 Custom Kit- Drums
Trilian - Bass
Guitars- Me

Anything on mixing this stuff would be appreciated. I just EQ'd the Drum kit and added a slight filter to the guitars and that's it. No compression on anything because I don't know the settings.
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My first impressions.

The bass guitar needs something. I'd recommend duplicating the track and distorting it, as it doesn't sit well. Blend it into the raw bass track you have. Scoop the mids of it a bit (think about 240 or 300 should do it). Buss them into 1 buss track, find a good balance then compress it a lot. I mean, a lot. It moves a bit too much. As well, cut everything below about 40. It needs some growl. You'll want to experiment with your EQ on both the DI signal and the distorted as there will be some interplay between them.

I always liked this sound for a bass in metal:


The guitars. They are really fuzzy. Cut above 14k or so to reduce that. Compress them just a bit to get a bit more pump out of them. It can be a challenge to tame guitars, especially if they are plugin amps or Solid states. They can also come up a bit. I'd recommend re-recording with a bit less gain, and milti track them a bit (2 tracks per site) as while the tone isn't to bad, it's a bit thin. doubling the recording should thicken them out a bit.

The drums. Drop the cymbals a bit, they're a bit too much. Your snare needs a bit more fatness IMO.

Not knowing what kind of sound you are looking for (ie: a reference mix) renders a lot of suggestion useless as we will all have preferences.

Overall, not bad.

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