So I clicked on tab pro as it was offering lifetime memberships for 39.99. So I signed up and entered my credit card info and so on. Unfortunately there seemed to be a problem with the site and it wasn't able to process my credit information at that time. It then suggested I continue with a free trial why it continued to try to process my credit card info. After using Tabpro I liked it and went to check out what was going on with processing my credit card. Still no charges, but now the site is saying 49.99 for a lifetime warranty. I want to pay the original price I signed up for 39.99 and not sure how to do that now? I just joined 3 days ago.
Was I just seeing that? I swear it had a 10 off promotion. How can I reach UG to ask as I can't find contact info on the website or tab pro?
I would be really careful about giving this 'company' your credit card information. I did a trial of Tab Pro and cancelled the trial two days before the trial ended. They still charged my credit card and now I find there is no way to contact them. Fortunately, my bank is good about reversing fraudulent charges.
This is such a scam. No way to contact company. Offers discounts but doesn't honour them.

I'm not so sure that the Tab pro isn't some type of third party scam.
It seems I was able to purchase it for 15 bucks off the apple store. I don't get it.
I got offered the deal of $39.00 for lifetime membership when I was in my trial period - they charged my card $49.00 and now I can't find a way to contact them.

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