Some advice on how to improve this tune would be appreciated.

Make your way to the coast/Annabelle
Don’t let your parents find out/ where you are going to
Cause that would only make them/ worry and sweat
You don’t want them to get/ in the way of you

You’re the mastermind of problems/ you can’t ever seem to solve
Push them to the back until/ they aren’t gone
So on this lonely highway desert/ you’re starving for a sign
A reason why it/ all went wrong
Annabelle/ are you staring at that clock
Or is it staring back/ or has it stopped
Or have you drank far too much/ far too much/ too much
So you get there with friends/ you’ve never met
They’re as honest as the others/ you’ve left behind
Tell me again why it is/ you are hurting yourself
You don’t know but it must be right/ I do it all the time
Annabelle/how does the earth feel beneath your toes
Are you crushing it the way/ you have crushed yourself
In that alleyway there’s a sand-drenched man/ he looks like he needs some help
But Annabelle/ we must all learn to help ourselves
As the ashes fall into your lungs/ you tell yourself to go to sleep
Maybe tomorrow I simply will not/ need these things
To make time travel faster/ and pain convert slower
As gravel alls from your tires/ you take your last drink
Annabelle/A moving target gets hit harder
Than all the sad comedians/ and heartache combined
Wealth in heart and friends/ and wealthy in sympathy
Annabelle is fine/ yes Annabelle is fine
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