So I'm building a lap steel and I have most of the parts ready to go (though I haven't ordered anything yet). The only thing I am questioning is the bridge. I was thinking about using a standard tune-o-matic and filing the saddles down a little. I know it's radiused but I was thinking that it would all level out with the flat nut that I'm going to use. I couldn't find any other bridges specifically for lap steels and I know some people use wraparound LP Jr. bridges but I was hoping my idea would work just fine. The plan is to have it be a string thru design too, if that makes any difference. What bridge do I use? Or is my idea fine? Thanks
Just google lap steel bridge. Georgeboards has some good stuff for custom lap steels. Lap steel bridges are basically just a slotted piece of solid brass or other metal. In fact, bridge blanks and nut blanks are the same item. You absolutely don't want saddles since they will actually goof up your your intonation since you aren't actually fretting notes. Like take a look at top of the line lap steel's from companies like Sierra or MSA. No saddles in sight.
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