So I have a CE-2 Chorus that my dad got in the 80s or 90s and I've been using it no problem for years but recently it pooped out.

No signal will go through it and the light won't come on. I've tried new batteries and the adapters I've tried work with my other Boss pedals. I've noticed very occasionally it will work but the light never comes on and it doesn't last long before stopping again.

I'm familiar with basic electronics and soldering and I took the pedal apart but I can't find any obvious issues/disconnected wires.

Are there other common problems the Boss pedals have I can look for?
The first thing I'd try, sight unseen, is the switch itself. Try replacing it and see what happens.
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I would not try to disconnect anything at first. Visually inspect the solder at each joint. Inspect also the circuit board for any signs of overheating. Look closely at electrolytic capacitors and see if any has leaked some of the internal fluids (note that these may still hold an electric charge). Also, inspect larger resistors. If you are familiar with electronics, try to go through the most of the essential components and test their voltage and see if it is a reasonable value.