I'd like to start off by introducing myself, my name is Eleazar and I have one question to ask. I play guitar with a Colombian guy at a church, I'd say he's decent but gets lost sometimes, I think it's because he plays too fast, he sings and plays and is starting to play piano. So one Sunday I bring my new/used Martin Custom X Series guitar, at first he was like cool but you need nylon string and in the back of my I just thinking "I wot m8." So service ends and he just starts complaining at my dad and I saying the necks not wide enough and I pretty much made bad choice. Now he doesn't want to let me use it at all because he uses nylon and I use steel. So my question is, do nylon stringed guitars sound good with steel stringed guitar?

If my question has been answered please feel free to add your opinion or comment.

(I'm currently in the process of recording what I need too become a full member and accessing the full forum)

I know a guy exactly like that at a group I play with, anyway the Colombian is only right about that guitar being wrong if you're specifically playing classical music, and even then, it's a very close-minded way of looking at playing. I'd say that cross checking a lot of his advice would be a good idea, as it sounds like he doesn't actually know what he's doing.

I'd also say that a combination of steel and nylon can make an excellent sound, so again, unless you're both playing classical, the difference is not actually as important as he says.
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