Through the Dark Decay:
I'm really digging the intro and your vocals work really well with this piece. Very theatrical sounding. I do think the rhythm guitar could be brought out a little more, though. The drum work sounds great, love the breakdown near the middle. All in all, great stuff here!

Climb the Tower Now:
Wow, I love this song. The intro really gets you pumped and ready for the song. Your vocals work brilliantly here as well. This song has a Pink Floyd feel to it. Once again, the drums sound amazing. Perfectly mixed and panned. This is one of my favorites that I've heard from you! Amazing stuff, m'friend!

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I sound like an angry Yoda...is that a good thing...or a bad thing? lol
Hey Aaron, thanks for the feedback.

Starting with your track 'Climb The Tower Now': Nice to hear the use of midi sounds. I was kind of expecting the whole song to be midi when I heard that in the intro but then the drums, bass and guitar kick in and compliment the midi sounds surprisingly well. 'tis cool when the vocals kick in as well, quite powerful. As always your vocals have that unique character to it which adds a lot to the music.

'Through Dark Decay': This one really caught my attention. The Arabic sounding synths at the beginning are killer and, to me, set the atmosphere. Vocals are cool when they come in too, everything works harmoniously with each other. 'tis a cool mix of different styles in this song, there's some punk-rock elements in their as well to my ear. Production is top notch also. But I gotta say again, I love the intro to this song I could listen to it over and over again.

Nice work. Play on man!
Hey there thanks for the feedback Aaron!

Ill start with "Through Dark Decay", epic intro; those synths are cool. Your vocals started to remind of bruce dickinson half way through. This is a really cool tune, its a blend of quite a few styles. and it is definitely very original; in a great way, I should add. This song belongs on a video game or movie.

Next up "Climb the Tower Now" I loved it when that guitar came in. I feel like this goes on a bit too long before the vocals enter though, I would definitely shorten it a bit. As it caught my attention and then briefly lost it before the vocals entered. Those vocals are very cool, along with the drums. Those toms kick ass; really reminds me of Phil Collins for some reason. Stellar ending, and once again I feel this is epic video game music. Overall this is a really cool unique tune. You've got a real talent in all aspects here dude, production wise this rivals the pros, song wise I really enjoyed this, and I had never heard anything like it. What effect are you using on that guitar that rings the long notes?
Hey man,

I've come to expect good things from your tracks, the begining to Through the Dark Decay starts off things immediately on the right foot with a super cool synth line. The vocals sound pretty good this time around, very sabbathy with your own dark flair through into the mix. Very dark sounds, with a still retro feel. Predictible but pumping rhythmn guitars drive the track foreward and im digging this chorus alot. again, the rhymnth guitar should com up a abit more. and oh wow, that lead guitar, man i am blown away. very professional sounding and well executed. nice job on this one.

This next track starts off similarly, catchy synths and blitstering guitar divebombs and 'good' noise. It isnt nearly as catchy as the last track, but just as well produced. The solos this time have a laid back satch/vai/petruci feel to them that flows well. more simplistic, but with a great tone and great use of vibrato. vocals remind me of a psyched out rob halford from judas preist. overall, you seem to be keeping up with your music production and i wish u the best of luck on your musical endeavers11111 keyboard is broken, 1s denotes exclamation points.

I love the slow progression into the vocals with through dark decay. a lot of the effects with the guitar are very visual, which i absolutely love. it seems like you have a very good idea of what you are going for, which is number one for songwriting.but the solo oh my god, perfect way to end that journey. the sustained note at the end made me wish i had a better guitar capable of producing such a tasty sound.

The beginning of climb the tower now is musically quite different, from through dark decay, however the general vibe is just similar enough to continue the audial realm your painting. the delay with your whammy legato is very nice. im glad the guitar with the delay disappeared when the vocals came in. id say you should have the rhythm guitar (the HEAVY chords) not drop out so quickly during the second guitar-centric section personally. the synth carries the vibe, but not as much as it would, maybe using the same or similar rhythm guitar tone, playing single, low notes sustained for as long as you were doing the chords for.

feels very 80s. but has a fresh energy to it. i'll give your other tracks a listen tonight. again, a completely personal opinion, i would love to hear a belted, if not screamed, or heavily distorted vocal at the epicenter of climb the mountain now. really great recording quality, definitely benefits the very visual feel of the music!
I really enjoyed the two songs, and I've listened to your stuff before too. Very alternative and atmospheric. Through Dark Decay really has a distinct vibe to it, everything sits well in the mix and it's obvious that you put in a lot of effort. I think Climb the Tower Now needs some samples for the intro, sounds way too midi. Have you ever thought about that? Sounds kinda flat on its own, but only until the guitar comes in. Great songs overall, and a very balanced mix is what I like the best. Cheers.
Through the Dark Decay - welcome to the 80s. Nice dude. Reminds me of Ghost Town by the Specials or Night Boat to Cairo by Madness. Trippin me out in a good way. I like the chord progressions, very much so, especially the mid-secition - Chicago 25 or 6 to 4 vibe/Green day Brain Stew. Crit wise - I understand where you're going with the vocals but not my favorite style, I would go a bit more straight forward and less effects. That said great instrumentals and love the song. Rock on.

Climb the Tower - agreed perhaps a bit too midi. Guitar has great tone when it comes in, nice and fat. Again getting a nice 80's feel. Keyboard riff creates a nice groove in the background. Definitely great mixing. Again on the vocals I prefer cleaner/more straight forward but overall excellent.

Very nice man. A pleasure to hear.
definately a good blend of live with midi, extremely well done, and also love the vibe you get from the vocals with thos fx, a real nice job...
Through Dark Decay: I like really enjoyed all the stereo effects going on, very interesting. I think the drums sound excellent, especially the snare and toms, maybe just increase the volume a bit, except for the overheads. Favorite part was definitely the solo at the end. As for the bass guitar, to me it became too prominent around 1:30, when you could really hear the attack. If the dry sound was reduced and the amped sound increased, I think it would be perfect. Otherwise, it's a very well-balanced mix.

Climb The Tower Now: The two intro guitars sound cool together, but I think they would benefit from having more space between them (by panning). Again, the mix is very nice, although I thought the song was a bit repetitive, maybe because of the drum fill. I was expecting something more, but the song ended all too quickly. I guess that's just your style, but I'd like to hear more vocals maybe, or some sort of build-up.

Great stuff as always!
Hey man, cheers for the crit!:

Through Dark Decay - very Numan-esque style synths with creepy harmonic minor style leads, works so far! The guitar that joins in background does so seamlessly and doesn't intrude on the synths too much.

Vocals work well with this style, the eclectic style overall melds with the erratic vocal lines. The drums that join around 1:17 should be more present as they sound pretty awesome and would take the thing in a way more industrial direction! The chords up are a good break into the more bass present section (which has a nice tone by the way), the vocal melodies around this section are slightly reminiscent of Muse's Matt Bellamy albeit with a punky finesse to them.

I think the dark wave-come-punk style suits you quite well man, definitely a comfortable style for you anyway. Keep it up!
Hi man, sorry for the late crit but her goes... Through dark decay- Love the intro, has an Arabian feel/80s feel to it. I really like the bass rhythm too, the song has a nice structure and progresses nicely all the way through. sometimes I struggle to hear the lyrics but that to me does not matter, the melody is what counts and I feel the melody for this song fits very well!
Hey and thanks for your comment on my song
Through Dark Decay - Can't really say much other than very interesting and ear catching song that kept me listening till the end. And man that solo.. Very nice dude!
Hey Aaron, thank you for listening to my latest song.

I actually already reviewed your music before but I decided to come back for another listen to that cool middle-eastern synth part in 'Through Dark Decay' - sounding good man, keep doing your thing.

p.s took a listen to 'Beware of the Giant Squid' as well. Cool track, it's fitting for radio-play.
THROUGH DARK DECAY - kinda spacey well trippy synth pop. The exotic modes add a real penetrating evocation. The vocal is very weird and twisted, but perfectly suits the sound. I would suggest simplifying the drums, and also turning them up a bit to give the track more punch. Great bass part however, fat and driving. I prefer the synth sound as opposed to the rocky guitar sound on this track, which I feel is more original and focused. However the guitar is excellently played.
CLIMB THE TOWER NOW - Great staccato intro, reminds me of Kraftwerk. Fantastic entry of guitar, a bit overdone but still I like it. The drums sound too synthetic, especially the cheap toms. The sound needs more bass end, more punch. The vocal is a bit too out there on this, too unclear. Again, this sounds a bit schizophrenic to me, cannot decide whether it's synth pop or heavy metal. I can see where it's going, but the blend of genres needs to be more carefully done. Then this could be really good. There are some great musical ideas here, and lots of powerful musicianship, but more focus is needed. Still, an enjoyable listen.
Yo dude,

The track, 'Climb the Tower Now' is pretty cool, very classic rock, makes me think of a mix between Genesis and Van Halen. The whacky divebombs and stuff sounds mean, and the synth gives it a sense of direction. The vocals work pretty well, and the drums are ****ing cool. The lyrics are a little hard to distinguish but otherwise the song is pretty cool. Makes you think of Pink Floyd too, basically lots of drugs and lots of guitars.

The second track, 'Through the Dark Decay', is similar. Cool 80s synths, eastern sounding scales, kinda sounds like video game music at the start. Very classic rock, very cool. Vocals remind me a bit of the vocals on No Quarter.

Mean two songs!
Through the Dark Decay: I really like that riff that plays in the background (not sure what instrument), sound very classical Arabian, which contrasts well with the electric sound of the whole track. The distorted vocals are fitting too, if a bit quite.

Climb the Tower Now: Love the crescendo that builds up in this piece, especially in the intro
Oh god the intro to Through Dark Decay is like Synthwave bliss combined with hard. The wonky vocals are a bit of a hit or miss. Definitely not my cup of tea. I aint saying it's bad, but I dont think it's for everybody.

The instrumentalization is just out of this world to be honest. The overall vibe of the song is amazing. The vocal on the second verse sound really unique and good.

The transition into the guitar solo is powerful yet smooth and the solo itself is fantastic to say the least. The finally is a bit abrupt though.

The start to Climb the Tower now with the typical, almost Guitar Pro guitar sound is sorta hilarious. But slowly becomes a great synth tone compared to the actual drum, bass and guitar track.

This track definitely sounds awesome, well thought out melody and I love the guitar work.

I like your vocals, they are very unique and I cant really think of any vocalist I can compare their work to yours.

I love the finally and the fade out. Fantastic track.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Climb the tower reminded me of the start of TMNT2 haha! (Which is a good thing)

Epic sound though, loving the lead for the intro.
The echoes on the vocals were a bit too much but I understand the reasoning for them being there. Sounds like a song Ozzy Osbourne would do well on.

Thanks for the comment man
Hi Aaron, nice to see you're still around here.

Through Dark Decay:
Tight production as always. Your vocals are better than ever. Very interesting piece of music. I love the guitar solo near the end, sounds like it could be part of a movie soundtrack.

Climb The Tower Now:
Guitar sounds a bit hot in the mix initially, but that might be intentional. Solid song, it doesn't stand out that much compared to some of your other tracks in my opinion, but everything works well and plays nicely off each other. The fadeout is very cool.