All my Life I have tumbled in the wind
All my life I have walked the path of sin
The storms of summer come and the blizzards finally go
But my own fate I'll never know

Read it in the papers that they're planning for a war
Extraordinary weapons that I've always abhored
Will lay a lonely child to waste
His momentary pain will then pass away

The leaders of this nation in their manicured place
Claim I've done awful deeds of horrible disgrace
As they launch their bombs unto the towns
The parasites inside make people drown

They'll vomit out their insides in a horrible display
Of chemical perfection made in a lab far away
With money that you and I have earned
We pay to see these children burn

People are freezing and starving in the street
We waste our lives toiling for corporate greed
United we can take a stand
Money'd devils won't give us commands

Another time, another place, the world might be ok
But not tomorrow, not today, while we all drown in pain
The wealthy have bought out all our souls
And we're chained down, just one path left to go
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Hi, really liked the intro inc harmonica. I'd tone down on the reverb (particularly on the vocs and also on the acoustic a bit). There is not so much variation in the melody/tune throughout - I'd probably change that up a bit to make it more interesting (ie, change some of the vocal melodies, add a different chord progression, or atleast a different rhythm if you cant change the progression, etc - also, a different harmonica part - because its all very similar). However, this is a nice we tune - my suggestions would only be to vary it a little throughout. Good luck !
I like it, and I agree too much reverb on vocals. Good lyrics.

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I enjoyed this, very cinematic. the lyrics are very heartfelt and easy to connect with, however the way they are portrayed seems hesitant in my opinion. The guitar doesn't necessarily need any extra variation to drive the song, the harmonica creates a good variation between sections, but when you come back from an awesome harmonica solo, the lyrics need to protrude top what was just heard in the harmonica. so maybe, each lyrical section could be more passionate then the last. you have a great message to portray, and yes, the reverb does get in the way of your message getting across, with folk that's the biggest thing i would personally stress.
otherwise, i really enjoyed it, listened to it twice
This is an excellent little tune, simple and very human lyrics. Vocals have a nice tone, fit for the song, but a bit too much reverb as has been said above but otherwise, everything seems to work well. A simple but effective song, which is definitive of the genre and you pinned that down perfectly.

I'm aspiring to write some indie/alternative acoustic folk songs but none are as complete as this. Check out my thread if you like. And once again, good job on the song.