Does the fish have chips?

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it's just another example of Americans pulling some sort of Irish mock. Of course there are many instances in the United States right now, regarding racism. But there is sometimes "hidden" racism; that being racist thoughts, without racist actions. The NBA team in Boston is called "the Boston Celtics", their logo being a depiction of a man decked out in four-leaf clover patterns, smoking a pipe, winking, and casually supporting himself with a cane, possibly because he is around three feet tall, as the average American idea of Irish are. Another example is the American university, Notre Dame. Note- it is not the French cathedral. Notre Dame's mascot for their sporting events, is a leprechaun which matches with their 'mascot name', the Fighting Irish, and thus has his hands up ready for a brawl.

These examples are just a few of what American's false and offensive stereotypes, another example being the Redskins, a slur for Native Americans, but is now used as a university logo/name.

We should be more mindful of who we are talking to, and seek to understand them. I've overcome many of my stereotype/borderline racist tendencies because of the people I met and had conversations with. I was in an International School, and as such, most of my friends were from Europe and East Asia. I learned so much about their culture that is never expressed in American courses for foreign history classes. We need to educate ourselves so we no longer are ignorant of the rest of the world.
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
Well our top seller is Swai, so $3.99 a pound, and each fillet is about half a pound. Source: I work in a seafood department.
^ but does the fish come with chips though?

(this is essential information)
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