Hi guys, just wondering if I can get some advice on the price of a MIC Oct 2012 Epiphone Explorer EX with EMG 81 and 85 pickups installed..

They (the pawn shop) have it listed for $499AUD, is that fair price, should I try and "haggle" it down at all..?

I haven't tried it out yet, planning to go down there again and do so to make sure it's all working.

Any other information you need feel free to ask

I'm located in Australia, is that is of any help..

Thanks in advance guys guys..


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Always haggle. $500 is steep for the guitar. But I guess you are from Australia, where guitars are a lot more expensive, unfortunately.

If there's any cosmetic damage, be sure to point it out to the shop and use it as leverage for haggling.

Check for fret wear. If there's a lot, I'd probably walk away.
Check that all the electronics work. If they don't work, that's great -more leverage for haggling. Electronics are very, very cheap to repair.
Check that the neck is straight. If it isn't, walk away.
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