Even with an extension cab, it probably wouldn't be heard over a drummer just from knowing what the pathfinder is. If you're micing up the cab to PA, you'll be okay. But the cab really won't make you much louder though.

Really I'd just suggest getting a better combo amp. If you like the VOX sound, you might could find a used AC30, and at $749 USD for the cab you could do that.
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It’s a fine cabinet, but a fifteen-watt solid state amp probably isn’t going to cut it for a gig no matter what cabinet you use.

As for the cabinet, Orange cabinets are nice, but if you’re going to buy a nice cabinet you can get one that’s just as good from Avatar for a less money.
Thanks guys. Think I'll probably go the combo route. The head/cab combo would probably be too much to lug around my city anyway. Will probably end up getting an Orange Crush Pro, either 60w or 120w.
What are you going to be playing? The newer Crush Pro series HEADS (120 especially) are pretty decent if you run them through a good closed back Orange cab and play at moderate volumes, but you might better luck with just a nice tube combo within that some price range. Even a 15 watt tube amp would be a better option, depending on how clean you need to play. If you're in Canada, take a look at Traynor amps or else the usual Peavey Classic 30, Jet City combo, Egnater, etc.
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i actually ended up getting the crush pro head (120) and a ppc212 orange cab (got an EXTREMELY good price on it). thanks for the help everyone!