A common thread title I'm sure but looking for some advice. I've got around £500 to get a Les Paul with and I'm look exclusively at used as there seems to be some good deals. I'm wondering what's the best for this price and what I should be avoiding. Currently I'm looking at Gibson Les Paul Studio 50s tribute (humbuckered version) which will be £450-500 but it does sound like it has a slightly thicker neck than I'd like but compromises will obviously need to happen with my price limit.

However I am interested in anything that may fit the bill. Really I'm just looking for a good level typical Les Paul for that typical Les Paul sound, whether it's Gibson, ESP, Greco etc. Other ones I've looked at are EC1000 (apparently doesn't have a Les Paul sound), PRS SE (they seem a bit cheap) and a few lawsuit LPs but I don't know anything about them. I'm gonna have to take a chance and buy before playing unless its local so anything I buy will need to have good resale potential (I'll probably end up upgrading it later in life anyway). Ideally the neck will be the Gibson 60s slimmer neck but anything that's not extremely thin im willing to give a go. May give a normal tremolo a go (PRS SEs...) but nothing floating as that's the reason I'm selling my current main guitar.

Genres I play is basically a bit of everything but more classic rock than anything else.

Sorry if I forgot anything, I'll edit if needed!
This should be in the "Electric Guitar" area. You'll get better responses there.
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Hi guys, I'm after a Les Paul with most bang for buck with a budget of £500. What should I look at and avoid? I'm not after anything specific, just a good LP with decent resale value. I'm also looking exclusively at used market.

Really depends on the features you're after and if brand name really matters to you. Also depends on if the guitar has to be new or not.

If you're willing to buy used/online plus the actual look and features of a Les Paul are all you want (and having Gibson on the headstock doesn't matter) then you have a few options that you could check out.

Edwards (basically an ESP sub brand) makes Les Paul guitars with the kind of features that you would expect from a Les Paul (mahogany body, maple top, RW or Ebony fingerboard depending on the guitar). There are a bunch of MIJ companies that make LPs so you will probably be able to find something within your budget from companies like Edwards, Greco, Burny, Epiphone Japan, Tokai etc...

The trade off is you're gonna be buying blind and it's going to be coming directly from Japan (although I think some places in Europe deal Burny guitars so you might be able to find something like an RLG-85 locally)

Personally, I went this route and it worked out for me. I did a lot of research though and I was still pretty much buying blind.

Here's my Edwards:

And here's another clone (this one is a Gladiator):

If you don't want to buy used and you want to keep it locally (and Gibson logos and headstocks don't matter to you) you could check out the Epiphone Tribute series. The tribute guitars offer a long neck tenon, solid maple tops, USA hardware and specs closer to a 50s/60s style Les Paul. They cost a little more than a standard Epiphone but they are nicer and they come with hardshell cases. You could also check out Faber guitars (out of Germany) that make LP clones somewhat within your price range.

If the Gibson headstock and logo is really important to you, the only guitar you could probably consider would be something like a used Les Paul studio. They're pretty common guitars so you will probably be able to find one pretty easy. The guitars are a bit stripped down but they're still solid instruments.
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