I thought I'd just share one of my older tracks for the hell of it.

I'm not the same person as when this music was made anymore but I'd just like to share it in case anyone enjoys it.

I know the production is not as good but back then it was all about just getting the ideas out.


Oh and if anyone wants to do a bit of C4C I'm always open to hearing you guys music. [have found a lot of interesting music on these forums]

Somehow this reminds me of a cross between (a bit of) Pink Floyd and mostly Dream Theatre, maybe some Yes (good). I could see where a person could say the audio quality could be a bit better, though the slightly crunchy audio has its own appeal (though the cymbals have that phase-y lower grade mp3 audio sound). A bit long though. Overall, it all sounds rather good! Everything is well played/tight (professional in that regard). Nice! Please review my music at this link:

I agree with the mix of floyd and DT. Very good tension and release in the music. I also catch quite a bit of a Satriani feel to your playing at 2:00. I really enjoy the groove it breaks into around 2:45. I also agree with the fact that it is too long. I would shorten it out quite a bit and cut out a bit of the parts that are similar. Overall this is a great blend of a lot of influences. I can tell you have quite a few influences. This is very original sounding. Good shit man! this is some stuff i would listen to if i was tripping.
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