Has anyone here ever bought one. If so, what is the quality of the instrument once assembled and what one do you recommend?
I did a Flying V kit.

got a super chunky neck which I am debating trying to reduce.
It had issues with the first fret on the B string that I sorted by adjusting the height of the bridge. Now every fret rings out really nicely.

I have some slight intonation issues which I may try and look at again. Couldn't get it perfect, but got it really close.

The pickups were not great. super super trebly for me, but didnt mind to much funnily as I have it set up for drop B for some chunky machine head and the treble worked quite nicely super low tuned.

Initially as well it was a noisy piece of shit upon first set up. I bought a shielding kit, which is an absolute must. Following the shielding of everything its now utterly silent even with a lot of distortion.

Genuinely now use it all the time. which is cool.

It is definitely good fun to do, but its by no means a perfect guitar, and will require quite a bit of work to make it usable.

I will try and get some pictures and a little video uploaded of it for you to get an idea of it.

I did a Tele kit from Saga a few years ago. It came out nice. I used automotive spray paint to finish it. Electronics were so-so. I bought a fender pup set from eBay (likely it was from a squier, but it was still better than what the kit had). They are great places to start. I had a slight fret issue like what Locust mentioned, but it was not major at all.
I ended up with a pretty good player for about $150 US. I also learned quite a bit during assembly and setup.
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I had a tele custom kit a few years back. Can't remember where from.

For some reason, I couldn't intonate the low E, until I took the spring behind the saddle off so the saddle could move to within about 1mm of as far back as it could possibly go.

Electronics aren't really worth spit on it, the neck is kind of like a baseball bat, and the body is really, really heavy. It's not quite as heavy as my LPs, but it's damn close.

As ^ said, there's a lot to learn from the build, and it's potentially an experimentation platform too, to try wiring mods and stuff on.
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I've had great luck building guitar kits from www.rmolsonguitars.com. He has a variety of kits from Les Paul's to ES-335, ES175's. Kits have set necks and all hardware.
You get what you pay for. A cheap kit will be harder to get right than a better one.
Check out the guitar kit builds at www.realmusiciansforum.com to see what you are getting into and to see the R M Olson kits built by me and others. Good luck.
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Has anyone here ever bought one. If so, what is the quality of the instrument once assembled and what one do you recommend?

I didn't buy a kit. I bought a neck and a body (Warmoth stuff) off eBay for cheap.
In the end, it became a guitar, but let's say I had issues along the way and several "You did WHAT?" moments.

I've seen these "kits."

By the time you get done putting it together it will have cost you more than what you could have purchased a very good asian import for in the first place, and it will play no where near as well (depending on your tastes in guitars and playability).

I recommend none of them unless they come with a tech over whose shoulder you can stand, pointing at things and asking annoying questions.

If you have mad skills in working wood, things will go well. But if you have those skills, you will have no need for a "kit" whose components will likely be tossed in favor of better class stuff.

And if you do NOT have those skills, you will end up with something that will live quietly in the back corner of your closet, coming out to be recognized only by those who realize what you've done: produced a badly misshapen, seriously overweight and badly painted oar.
Just a caution. We've had at least one person on here who produced a guitar from a kit. He'd specified the body and the neck and did a magnificent job on paint. He had one issue -- the 12th fret wasn't an octave of the open string, and so as he was showing the photos of the guitar off in a thread, he mentioned the tuning issue in passing.

Turned out he'd put a 25.5" scale neck on a 24.75" body.

Don 't be that guy.
A mixed bag of replies. After reading them, I think I'll takes dspellman's advice and go for a good Asian import.

I've been playing acoustic guitar and bass (and keyboards) in bands for over 30 years but never got to grips with electric guitar so I've decided to get one that doesn't go out of tune all the time (the last one I had) and get to grips with scales which will hopefully enable me play a leccy properly.

Thanks all