This is the third time I've posted. Please can you tell me how to access lyrics in the tab feature??????
Tabs (excepting chords) generally don't have lyrics. There are a handful that do, where they're on the vocal track, but the feature on Guitar Pro/Tuxguitar, which is where all the Tab Pro tabs were created, is somewhat clumsy and they're not really usable to read off. Just look up the lyrics, there's thousands of sites for it.

In future, please just bump your threads instead of creating new ones. Given that your previous thread was made yesterday and is still on the first page, there was absolutely no cause to post again anyway; we're not the biggest forum and most of us have things to do besides ensure a 24-hour response rate on all questions.
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Thanks for your reply.
I'm just frustrated that I've taken out an additional subscription on my I pad to enable me to see lyrics in a larger format whilst the UG App I have on my phone has lyrics for all songs.
I feel as if I've totally wasted £22