Hi everyone,

Just wanted to get your input on these 3 choices.




I love the look of the Orville but I've been doing research and what I keep getting is that if you want the quality of a Gibson, get a Gibson. The other stuff might come close, but it is not a Gibson.
Also, I read that for Gibson, the Mid-90s run was pretty good.
And it sucks not being able to play these guitars before buying them, but the local music stores do not have the option that reverb.com has.

Im sure these will all sound great but I would like to hear what you guys have to say.

Thank you UG Community!!!
- Freddy
If you were looking at custom shop models, perhaps the quality argument would be true. With studios, not so much. I think the argument usually goes that if you want a Gibson, for some people only something that says Gibson on the headstock will do. The quality aspect is... grossly oversold.

Sight unseen, in this price range, I'd take the Orville.
The Orville if truly MIJ (some were made in Korea) is a for all intensive purposes a "real" licensed LP from Gibson and not a MIJ Copy (IIRC the ones marked Orville by Gibson had USA PUs the others didn't). However the price is too high and should be $800 (MIJ) maximum if in stellar shape and down to $600 if normal wear and tear is evident, less if really banged up.
The Studios (before Gibson started the faded series) that are gloss with trap inlays were priced around 1K new with HSC. They would hold their basic value pretty well if in good shape and $400-$700 max with $700 being stellar shape including the original HSC.
Moving on.....
Both of those Gibsons have been somebody’s beater guitar and aren’t worth that price. The Orville is the best of the three. But for $950 you would be better off getting over that “not a Gibson” nonsense and just buying a new or lightly used Edwards on eBay.