Well finally i am going to get a new acoustic... i have two electrics (Epiphone Les Paul and Ibanez), a crappy acoustic, crappy classical and a homemade cigar box guitar haha (i love it). I am playing guitar for about 5 or 6 years now. Anyway i need help lol My 18-th birthday is in december and i am going to get a new acoustic, i have been looking online for days now and i just cant decide. The maximum price should be 500 dollars, nothing above. Do you guys have some suggestions ? I was looking to buy a SIGMA DR-28 but i never had any experiences with sigma guitars, did anyone play this guitar or something, is it worth it ? I was also thinking about a Fender acoustic since i have around 10% discount on them but looking through the internet nobody really likes them. I just dont know what to buy... cant take this anymore lol.
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^^^^ That Guitar World article is useful.

I've played a few Sigmas, and the were mostly pretty good.

The first place I would look in that price range would be Recording King, as they have resettable necks and are Eric Schoenberg's importer brand, and Yamaha, which everybody seems to like, including me. I also like the GS Mini, as I'm a fan of Taylor construction methods.
Just out of idle curiosity, what does "going insane" have to do with "buying a guitar"?

Fender acoustics, (at least my "Sonoran" does), have scalloped braces. Which allegedly are to help with "responsiveness", and "projection", but rather , (IMO), may in fact, help the top to buckle.

The Fender product is popular, and has its set of followers. However, of what I can buy left handed over the counter, I'd much rather have an Epiphone EJ-200-SCE.

Plus anybody else's heretofore recommendations, should I suddenly become right handed..