Help me find the chords after 0:55 . I figured out if i am not mistaken that the song is in the key of B. I try to play a B major and a E major and F# but it just doesnt fit . I also checked doing on chordify.com and it kinda sounds off at E tuning always( with the same chords chordify says , is it any accurate anyway ? ). Any help ? Thanks

Musician's Talk has been hosting a lot of "what are these chords" posts, so it might help to go there in the future!

Among things I notice about your song:
- E tuning is fine, but be ready for barre chords all around. There's no avoiding it.

- The song is in a minor key. Not sure if you can hear it but it'll either be in B major or G# minor. Since it's not in a major key, by default it goes to G# minor.
- G# minor is much easier to write than Ab minor (which has 7 flats); it also keeps the same tonal center.

E, F#, G#m all are sharps only. Otherwise, there are complications. Until you're more familiar with the theory, the best thing to do is to figure out "sharps or flats" and stick with that. And pay attention to natural keys (F, D, G, B, etc.) - they also have sharps/flats.

Summary: G# and Ab point to the same piano key/fret in modern practice, but they have different theoretical connotations. Like 32°F and 0°C. Also, B major and G# minor have the same key signature - 5 sharps - but they mean different things completely.

This really isn't much, though.

In order:
Abm7 -> G#m7 (global change)
Ebm7 -> B/D# (first one only)
Ebm7 -> D#m7 (every other one)
C#m7 -> C#m9 (first one only)

Final chord -> G#m11 (can play x 11 9 11 x 9 or even xx6879, though they act more like add11 chords (1 3 5 7 11) rather than 11's (1 3 5 7 9 11).)

I'm not sure what you mean by "easy" because anything can get more complicated quickly