Here are pics documenting the repairs that were done to my 25 year old Martin D41. It required all of the bindings re-glued, a neck reset, fingerboard resurfaced and re-radiused, a refret in stainless steel (last forever!), a back brace re-glued and comprehensive set up.

Finally got it back on Monday and it's now almost like new!

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looks done right. tenon shims too. good job!

I am super happy with the work, the guitar is 25 years old and is now almost like new again.

The repairer was Chris Melville of Brisbane Australia. When I was in his workshop he allowed me to play all of his own guitars which he had made. They were brilliant and his workmanship is flawless.

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Unfortunately it's hidden under that jack socket I added.

He had jammed some kind of wedge under the tailpiece and pushed the body in a bit. It wasn't much, and the body is covered in dings anyway, but at the prices he charges I expected better. I originally took it to him to remove the nut and reset it, something I would normally do myself, except this one was epoxied on, and put a secondary saddle behind the existing one to improve intonation. The work was OK.