Hi guys! I'm mainly a guitarist, playing bass when I need to with a pick (mostly black metal or death metal). I have an ESP F-104 with 2 active ESP DB-4's and I have been searching around for comparisons for a while on Google between these and the real deal, EMG's but I haven't found anything at all, not even reviews on the DB-4's.

I'm wondering if anyone's been making any sort of comparison at all between the fake-EMG bass pickups from ESP and the real thing? And if you have, is it a good enough improvement to throw money at or should I just spend more time on the amp simulators and get a good tube preamp or some shit like that instead?

EMGs are far less appreciated in bass circles than they are in guitar circles. Don't even consider tossing money at them as an "improvement." Not so much.

Bass is a completely different animal from "guitar." Immerse yourself in the differences before spraying random cash around as you would for guitar.

You're far more likely to find active Bartolinis or active *preamps* built into basses that come with otherwise passive pickups. Note that using the word "preamp" in referring to what's built into the bass is NOT the same thing as referring to a "preamp" as used below. Contact Alan at AC Guitars (UK) and ask him if he'd mind giving you some information regarding guitar pickups and onboard active preamps.


If you must spend money on a tube preamp (again, tubes are NOT a thing in the bass community where they are among guitarists), look at the Jules Monique or the REDDI. If I were recommending, that's probably where I'd start. There's a lot of second-level stuff from there.