Fellow Professionals,

Wanted to introduce you all to a panel being proposed in upcoming SXSW. The panel relates to giving credits to all professionals (not just lead performing artists) for their contributions at various levels. A publicly accessible vetted professional profile with all the credits, not only helps in getting recognition and new opportunities, but also directly associated to royalties and payments in many cases. Therefore, it is not just critical in the early stage, and reminder of the professional career, but also for the legacy beyond that.

Questions to be addressed:
Who is gaining and who is losing out by not having an authoritative music credits entity or database?
How will authenticating and standardizing one's music credits help a musician get discovered and get paid, or help a music organization pay them?
Why should a musician, songwriter, or music organization care about the accuracy of their credits when they are archived, or how they are dispersed?

I sincerely hope that many of the professionals here, will find this effort relevant, and if you would like to join the discussion please, support our panel idea with your vote at
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Fellow Professionals,

I hope that many of the professionals here

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What the hell is SXSW and why should I care about a convention I'm not attending that's silly enough to look for professional professionals here?

Edit: To answer your questions:

*Copyright attorneys are losing. Cases where someone is dumb or ballsy enough to copy and not give credit or otherwise commit suable plagiarism are usually either done by unknown people who remain unknown because it's obvious what they're doing, spambots, or Led Zeppelin. It's the exception, not the rule. Nobody is really gaining from it not existing.
*Standardizing the way that credits are done would be very nice - too many albums are unclear as to who did what on which track or who wrote what - but I can't help but feel like the idea of "authenticating" credits will lead to gatekeeping smaller artists out by way of shunning and boycotting anything that doesn't get authenticated.
*Because royalties. The more things you're credited on, the more reasonable cases for a royalty check you have, and everyone likes money. That said, for most musicians, that doesn't happen, and it's just about record keeping, which, let's be honest, most musicians don't really care about.

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Fellow Professionals

That's flattering, but it's just me over here.
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