Glanced at my face in a peculiar range,
left my self in tears and puddles of somber.

shadows in lines angles to slant
give away to something higher
bring the color back in to my cavity.
Much Tool influence, huh? And I'm not saying that only because of the title, actually the overall feeling makes me think of 'Reflection'... Anyway, I like it at a lot, it's not at all like the excessive rambling that I've seen countless times around the web and yet it retains that depressive feel, which I'm really digging. All in all, I think it's great !
well shit. I feel like a bad knockoff or store brand now.

I actually wrote this because i wanted to get into physics but then I started googleing it and was like, **** this shit. What lead to the sudden need for a change in atmosphere is a depressing story that I don't want to go into.

anyway... thankyou!
If that helps at all, I suck at physics... I would never recognise a physics equation, and I mean never... Also physics this year at school made me feel quite depressed (but I'm done for good now), so your work is successful.
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Eh. I don't really care about physics all that much. I just wanted to try something that is structured. Everything im good it is subjective so i thought it would be interesting to try something exact.

I was wrong.