How does the Peavey Vypyr nano stack up against the other battery powered amps out there?

I prefer hard rock and metal , but for the campground I'll be playing a wide variety of rock and blues tones, but none very loud as to not irritate the whole campground.

I've played through a regular vypyr before and thought it was a nice modeling amp for the price, but I don't know anything about the nano .

Probably just bringing my HH Strat Blacktop to the campground. I don't want to risk anything more expensive there.
I've not found any battery powered amps that I was particularly fond of, although there are several available. IMO, a better solution is to simply bring a small amp that you already know you like and plug it into a battery/inverter power pack. Most small amps draw far less than 100w and a decent battery/inverter will run them for several hours.

My son brings his 2x12 30w tube amp to the lake and runs it from an inverter and his truck battery. It works well and he can crank it as loud as the crowd prefers...
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I would use a roland microcube or vox mini series or DA5.

If one wants to put a little bit of effort, one can modify RC lipos... mainly a 4s with 4000mah or more capacity, to a 9v type socket with the right polarity and use that to power an orange micro terror along with a 1x12 cab if you like.

Instant portable tube amp with solid state power amp section.
I have a couple of Pignose amps. Not the tiny AA-powered 7-100 things (though they seem to work well enough for the turbaned guitar-playing guy on Venice Beach).

They make a Hog 20 and a Hog 30 that use rechargeable lead-acid batteries in a 20W and a 30W version. The 20W version I have has a 6.5" speaker, the 30W version an 8" speaker, and the batteries last up to 8 hours of playing time. I think if I had it to do over again, I might buy the 30W, but the 20 was on a killer sale at the time.

Another that I'd look for is the Carvin Stagemate S400D. These are discontinued (fairly recently) but had *interchangeable* lead-acid batteries, so that you could be recharging one while playining with the other. This was/is a stunningly good busking amp that came with 100W of power, a solid 10" (I believe) woofer in a closed-back, ported cabinet, a 1" tweeter, an adapter that allowed you to put them on a speaker stand, a mini-mixer in the back (with effects!) and more. Won't be cheap, but it will be outstanding.

There is also (dunno if it's on their site) a new version called the Stagemate S600 that was shown at NAMM that's far more capable (running up to 400W on battery (!)) . Same deal with batteries that last several hours at a crack.

check out the Blackstar Fly
Really cheap to buy and sounds similar to the HT-1, I use it when I'm sat in the garden jamming.

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MicroCube is my battery amp of choice. I load it with rechargeable AAs and it lasts forever.
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You can always solder up your own, check out the Little Gem!
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