Good technique, overall sounded good. However, I got bored with it, which is a big problem for instrumental progressive rock. I mean, I find most of Eric Johnson's songs boring as hell.

I think the key may simplicity...without lyrics, listeners are trying to find a repeated pattern within the lead melody and there has to be a good bit of repetition of it initially to really "set the hook" before you can shift gears into other stuff, and the other stuff should really be variations on the same theme, like an evolution of the initial riff that is your hook. There can come a time to stray into something different, like counterpoint or interlude or whatever, but in moderation.

I may be totally off base, but these were thoughts that occurred to me after I listened to your piece.
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i love when delay is used like at 2:00

i think the main thing with instrumental progressive rock is, you gotta have some different tones or instruments showing up later in the song. when things first got a little more acoustic, that was a really cool dynamic! do something like that, that adds some depth to your song a few more times. even some whispered vocals at some point would be cool, or a synth, or let the drums die off for a bit, i like the fade out with the guitar harmony, it really made that section stand out.

overall a really cool song i enjoyed it

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Thanks for the comments... I typically write stuff that makes it fun to play, which is why I change up things so often without working around a theme or one melody (it's boring to play the same things, even variations of a riff, etc.). I have a ton of instrumental CDs, but at the same time, yes, they can be boring. I don't recall listening to many of my CDs more than 2-3 times.