Well i am finally getting a new acoustic and after looking around i am really interested in Epiphone EJ-200SCE... is it good, worth it ? I looked over some reviews and mostly everyone says its really great for the money. Also i dont know should i get Natural, Black or Sunburst... Maybe natural, i dont know... Can someone please tell me his/hers experience or opinions about this guitar
Well, I have two and I love them. The QC is great, and they played right out of the box for more than a year, without any adjustment.

Mine are natural and vintage sunburst. I'd likely have bought a 3rd in black, but they didn't offer it left handed.

In spite of Musician's friend's lousy pictures of it, the sunburst finish is gorgeous, especially if you're still running incandescent lights. So that has turned out to be my favorite, and it's a bit brighter sonically than the natural. (Likely not a fault of the finish. The natural's top has wider grain spacing, which debatably, could account for that).

These guitars have a big sound, and a great bottom end. The bass isn't as prominent or boomy as a dread, but it goes down deep, and it's tight.

IMHO, the newest solid top models are a great bang to the buck guitars. They've been solid top since late 2011(?), certainly nothing to worry about if you're buying new.

The electronics are fun, being stereo and all that, and they sound quite good plugged in.

So, it's a huge guitar. Make sure you're comfortable with that. I don't know if they make a gig bag big enough for it, mine wouldn't zip all they way shut.

So, if you're going to buy it, spring for the case with it, you'll never regret it.
I've only played one for about 30 minutes, but I was simply blown away by it. Worth the money ANY day.
And about the color, thats up to you man. I played the sunburst one, looked great!