I don't often change strings on a bass guitar, but I work at a music store so I was asked to change the strings on a 6 string bass. Model is the LTD B-206SM.

And I ran into some problems. Firstly I thought that the bass' string-thru bridge method was quite odd. Then when I tried actually stringing it, the neck/nut were so bad that the strings rested on the first/second fret, and the action beyond that was awful. After getting it "checked" by someone who knows more than me, she said it was fine. I tried stringing it again today and it was not.

In fact today the end of the lowest string broke off so I need to pay out of pocket for a single 125. And now the machine head will not move up to B, it just stops turning. I tried checking it internally but the screw is corroded.

He said it's been sitting a while, and it looks a bit rough. But am I doing something wrong?
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