Have a chance to get a Recto 4x12 Standard/Oversize used at a good price, but before I go see it I'd like to be able to know what external markers I can look for to make sure it's actually a Std./Oversize and not a Traditional.

I know the Traditional is smaller, but the measurements on Mesa's site don't seem accurate -- I already have a vertical slant Recto 2x12 and the measurements are way off from what they say on the site.

Does the serial number on the back plate provide any potential clues? Any other distinguishing markers?
Find the part/model number on the back of the cabinet and search for it on Google and Amazon. Part numbers for just about anything will turn up in a Google search because so many people buy replacement parts online.
at least i am not the only one having a hard time telling them apart now that i think about it i am not even sure which my mesa cab is...
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I am not aware of any way to tell the difference by strictly looking at the serial number. The Oversized is noticeably taller though. See here:


See how the beginning of the angle on the Oversized starts at right about the handle of the Traditional cab?

I have a Traditional and decided to measure it BEFORE going to Mesa's website to compare.

My measurements:

H 29.5" (without casters)
D 14" (at widest part)
W 30" (including corner protectors)


H 30.25"
D 14.25"
W 29.8"

Not sure how they are getting a taller height reading. Oh well. Also the Traditional weighs 99lbs and the O/S weighs 104lbs.

I know that doesn't really answer your question but hopefully it helps a bit.

The O/S is not quite 3" taller. 2.5" maybe

Are you certain you want a Standard Oversized?

For others:

Standard = Oversized. Same thing. More low end/less mids. They use the Vintage 30 OEM version for Mesa - less fizzy and bright.

Traditional = Stiletto. Same thing. Less boomy/more mids. More focused and percussive. They use the same speakers. I think Mesa changed the name from Traditional to Stiletto around 2006. When you think of Traditional just think traditional like a Marshall 1960 4x12.

Neither is better than the other - just depends on what kind of sound you are going for. Both come in straight or slant varieties as well as the fairly rare straight-slant format.

TS - are you set on an Oversized 4x12 and you just want to make sure that is what you are buying because the seller is not sure?
Thanks. Seller says it's oversized but experience tells me such claims are always best verified before laying down the cash!
Piping can sometimes be an indicator. Oversized have black. The newest Stilettos also have black, but most will have either silver or dark gray.
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