so i want to learn banjo and im just looking around and discovered the banjos that fender sell

they have a: FB-54 BANJO and FB-55 BANJO

i noticed they are almost the same , the main thing im interested in is the scale difference.

the 54 has a scale length of 27.4" and the 55 has a scale of 26.4"

i have a general understanding of scale width in terms of guitars but i have no idea if its a different story in the realm of banjos.... if someone could give me some direction that would be great.

and does fender even make good banjos?
The standard nominal scale length for a five string banjo is 26.25". Fender does not make particularly good banjos. They only make mediocre entry level stuff. You can do better for the same price, though I don't know what is available in Australia.
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The one-inch difference in scale length is pretty inconsequential. I just read some reviews of the 54 on the banjo hangout site and they all say it's decent for an entry-level instrument.

If you have small hands... The shorter one might be a tad easier to finger.

Years ago, when Pete Seeger was popular, he had championed the "long-scale" banjo with a 32" scale.... This to make the instrument more practical to sing with in a variety of keys....He was playing "folk" banjo rather than using it as a bluegrass type accompaniment instrument.