Thinking of getting another tube amp head, choice down to these 2.

I am not too keen on the recording, because I find the reamping feature is unnecessary in a real amp,as it's more suitable for vst based products, or can just use line 6 pod or freeware vst available online which can do a better job.

I like the IRT15H but it doesn't come with a clean channel.

The IRT studio has a clean channel, but it is overkill for stuff that I don't need/want like the reamping/recording.

Is the IRT studio's clean channel worth it ?

Remember I have no interest to do recording with them, just mainly use it as practice amp.

A clean channel would be nice but since there's none on the IRT15h, I was thinking if it will respond with eq pedal level cut to get cleanish sound (like paul gilbert doing to get clean from a dirty amp) instead of using the volume knobs.

The IRT15h also has less complexity and less susceptible to breakdowns (less parts/features/things so less prone to problems/damage)

The IRT studio is nice but my main gripe about it.

1. Ugly rack, not pleasing to the eye.
2. Tubes are squeezed very close together in a closed/tight manner so I worry about heat dissipation, and therefore lifespan of electronics inside due to the heat.
3. Clean channel may not be that good or loud enough so probably not worth paying more for it.
4. Costs more than the IRT15H and has more dials and other switches at the back, prone to more failure.

Leaning towards the IRT15h but main concerns.

1. Lack of clean channel, so have to dial down the gain.
2. Does it take pedals well without a clean channel ?