So I was wondering if looper pedal could be used in a band to make a sound like there's another guitarist
And what good not very expensive loop pedals you could suggest?
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Yes and no. If you are all playing to a click with in ear monitors live, then it is somewhat achievable. From my own experience of trying to loop guitar parts live with my band and other musicians, it doesn't matter how good your drummer is, it's pretty much impossible for everyone to stay in time with the recorded loop. As for a recommendation on a loop pedal, what exactly do you need it to do? Loopers come with many different options
The main issue with the looper is the loop. it is exactly as long as when you push it to start and push it to stop.

In an ideal world you hit it right on the beat. In reality you can be a tiny amount out. Every time the loop loops that margin grows as it adds to the previous error.

IIRC the BOSS RC3 links the loop to its on board rythm generator so cancels that margin of error. Others don't.

So, if you can play, without fail or deviation, to a set tempo you could be in with a chance.

They aren't that expensive and everyone should have one just for their own fun if nothing else.

I have an TC Electronics Ditto but would recommend the BOSS RC3 for the point as noted above and also because it has two in two out - see below.

I would also recommend running two amps and an AB switcher to separate the looped guitar and the live guitar as they can otherwise get a bit muddied together through the same amp.

With the above set up and the RC3 you could run the main loop to your loop amp and, if the desire to you, add further incidental loop elements to your main amp = big sound. :-)
Please note: The above comments are based on my experience, and may represent my perception of that experience. This may not be accurate and, subject to the style of music you play, may be irrelevant or wrong.
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