Hey y'all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me identifying an effect pedal. I have no idea what effect pedal it is, and I thought one of you might be able to help me.

You can find various images (from different angles) of a pedalboard below. I am talking about the bottom right pedal.

Thank you in advance!
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Don't know, but the one in the middle, bottom is going to be my next pedal. It's made by Creation Audio Labs. It's a clean boost, but it does a few other things, depending on where and how it's used.
The pedal you asked about looks home-made, except for the engraved symbol. ???
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Id Facebook Brad Avery....most guitarists I know are more than willing to talk for days about their setup!

Hehehe you know Brad? He's not on social media, though. That's why I was trying to figure everything out myself, but that was the one pedal I couldn't identify.
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damn! you sure got a good eye. ****.


I thought it looked vaguely familiar but I just couldn't place it.
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