Hey guys... if I want to use a MAC computer instead of using my Mesa Amp. What's involved with that ? What would I need to purchase ? Speakers etc ?

Also... what are the positives and negative ? I was thinking this may be way more versatile since the modeling software seems to offer so many amp options. Please advise.

Thanks in advance !
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I ditched my amp and pedal setup a while back. While using vst plugins is easy and gives you a ton of sounds I have not found one that I feel really sounds good. That said I use an axe fx 2 and it sounds fantastic.
I'd go with an external "POD" or something related. They sound better than VST plugins in my experience.

You also better get a damn good pair of headphones or monitors if you want it to sound any good.

Down side is that no monitors or headphones will sound as good and soulful as a nice amp playing through a real 12" speaker(s). If all you are doing is recording, then ok...but the joy of that music coming through speakers can't be beat.
Can you tell me what a good pair of monitors would be ? Any recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks !
PRS Custom 24 (Black Slate 10 top w/birds)
ESP Eclipse II - Snow White

Mesa Rectoverb combo
i would recommend taking a look at the sticky in the recording forum and look it over.

honestly from what i have tried,i was very disappointed.
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I use a USB interface/monitor combo (it's the same unit) combined with ampkit sims on my iPhone for practice (it's a similar but far smaller floor print setup to what you're considering)

It's fine for in the house, playing while kids are in bed and practice but it would never replace my full rig for anything else.
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read up on the lepou amp sims, work great with reaper.
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I have a Mac and I use a Rocksmith video game cable (USB to 1/4" cable), Peavey ReValver, and a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones for my silent practice.

Lepou's Retco sim is very good if you want to go that route. They also have Engl one that I've used a bit - I prefer Peavey's PowerBall II emulation.

Does this setup sound as good as my Mesa Roadster - no way. . . . Does it work better than headphones on a solid state amp (Peavy Vypr or Randall RG) - Hell yes. . . Does it keep the wife happy - hell yes. . .
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