Hi folks,

New track is up after a short songwriting hiatus. Recorded on Mixcraft 6 with a Focusrite 2i2 interface. Many more tracks are almost complete so expect more from me in the next month. I like to do long critiques of other users songs so don't be shy to critique mine if you would like a C4C. LINK...

Thank you for the recent reviews! Now your tune: guitars have lots of treble (probably partially because their volume is quite loud), but I'm sensitive to that. I'd turn up that electric bass, I barely hear it much of the time. I forget if you sing, though a few good vocals might help. Guitar playing is good, I like the riffs. Drums are fine. I have wondered in the past how well elephants work in warfare: if they are big slow moving targets (relative to horses), or hard to take down? Keep rockin'!
the intro totally reminds me of mars volta, with the interplay. i REALLY enjoy the raw dive of the song. i think Aaron is right about the treble. the bass sounds flipping awesome, bring that up a bit man. maybe bring down the gain a bit on each guitar to give each more room, every guitar written is very respectable and each deserve a place in the mix. the snare fills are really cool. the song is so incredibly energetic, compositional wise, i think you would be suprised hoe well it would go together if EVERY guitar was clean. i'm not saying thats what you should do, but it wouldnt hurt to have a FEW clean tones at certain points of the song, to make the really heavy parts, such as that last section stand out. i LOVE how the song ends, smoothly, yet abruptly. reminds me of breaking benjamin a bit in that sense. your a sick guitarist though dude, really cool to hear
Great lead guitar tone in the intro. Idk, I like it kind of shredding and piercing like that. It's dirty. Could perhaps turn it down a bit but I mean I dig it. Almost sounds like you got some keyboard going on, but I think it's just cool guitar stuff.

Really nice grooves - bass sounds great too I imagine you played that as well.

Funny name for the song dude, in a good way, this is like a doped up version of a Dynasty Warriors song. Did you ever play that game? Definitely great guitar playing but the bass is the unsung hero for me. Like that little quick run around 2:57. That kind of stuff makes it for me.

It's cool dude. Very groovy, great playing. Not much to add would like to hear it live. =]

Check out mine?

Hey Owen, thanks for listening to my track.

I'm actually imagining war elephants whilst listening to your track and... it goes together hehe

I get a 70's prog rock feel from the guitar tones. The intro melody has a certain charm to it and everything sounds big! (like elephants ;p) I think you've managed to use this tone well what with all the riffs and licks. They come of sounding more tasteful than just pure harshness, which adds to the character of the song I think. The lead part at 0:55 sounds cool and it's nice how you bring he intro riff back at 1:43. Drum parts are sounding good as well and you did will to mix the drums so they are distinguishable in amongst the guitar frenzy.

Nice work, play on man.
Hey buddy!

Your track starts quite in-your-face, really gets the ball rolling. Your guitar tones are very icy, are you going DI or are you recording with a microphone? Im using a 2i2 as well, I would say micing up an amp is much better than DI unless you have an amp designed for it or really good vsts. The track from a songwriting point of view is nice, I like it, got clear themes, good clear repetition, understandable and it is nice to listen to.

The only this I can think for improvement is your tones, because they are very icy. When youre eq-ing, try cutting the 3-4k range in your electric guitars to get rid of some of the unpleasant mids. Mids are great, but getting rid of some can smooth out your sound.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1686510
Super slick entry with progressive fusion influenced heavy rock musical full of consummate musicianship.
I am concerned about the overall sound, which is thin and brittle, bass light. This seems to be over all the instruments. Perhaps it's a mistake in mastering. It should be corrected, because there is some magnificent musicianship and composition here, and also lots of deep evocative feeling, somewhere between epic, grandiose and more folky Celtic overtones.
All the parts are busy without being bombastic, with their frenetic fantasias tempered by a mature taste and style.
The ending is a bit abrupt!!!
Sort out the mastering for a thick, bass rich, full toned sound, and this will be a fabulous metal extravaganza,,,,,
For a cheeky change you can C4C here.
Hi mate, I like the composition - got some interesting riffs going on there - kind of an old school prog style. In my opinion the drums, except for the snare, could come up in the mix and I think the guitars have a bit too much high-end. What guitar and amp are you using?
Hey man, sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the crit, here's yours:
Explosive intro - kind of Mars Volta-ish, although the guitar tone from the get-go seems very tinny (unless this was intentional), needs to beef up those mids/low mids!

The lead lines/pedal melodies are really cool and work really well for the beginning sections. The bass lines are also really well crafted and have a good tone that makes them stick out nicely. Around about 1:30 the guitar tone doesn't lend much to this part as it's quite difficult to make out the notes in this riff, but the change of pace is welcomed.

Really dig the main hook/progression in this one, epic feel to it! Just need to get a bit more clarity to those guitar tones so we can hear what's going on a bit clearer - I'd be interested to hear what you use for your guitar tone? All in all a neat track though man, keep it up.
The way the intro connects to the main part and the whole thing sounds like a prime example for instrumental desert rock/stoner rock.

There are a couple of misses here and there but they are tiny.

The bass sounds absolutely fantastic.

The song is captivating and almost monolithic in its presentation, it has that monstrous sound to it and seems to achieve it without too much gain or effort.

Fantastic little composition.


Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Hey man!

Thanks for the critique on my song Eye of the Storm. Glad you enjoyed the work I've been doing.

Just had a listen to your song and love how 'epic' the vibe is from the track. I'd say that the quality of the recording lets the song down since nothing beats the sound a beastly roaring guitar, or the thump of a kick drum etc, but as a fellow musician I can hear in my head how it would sound if it did have that production value.

From the perspective of a singer (I play guitar only to help with composing these days), I can hear how vocals would work well on the track. The way my mind works is that I hear lyrical rhythms first, and then that transforms into words. In my head I can hear what would be an incredible song. The only bits I would change slightly would be to make the lead less busy in areas, but as a instrumental piece that is needed of course.

Now I'm a guy who knows very little when it comes to recording, mixing, mastering etc. What I've done for the demo tracks you've heard is very much just me doing the best I can with what I have. I'll part you with some of the knowledge I do have though!

For the guitars, I used Guitar Rig 5, and there is a preset in there called 'Early Edward (HB)' which I have tweaked a little.
For the drums, EZ Drummer 2, using one of the metal presets.
For the bass, Kontakt 5 Rickenbacker - to get that gravelly Lemmy Kilmister tone.

That's all I use to make the demo tracks along with the VST's that come with Reaper and some random limiter I found in the plugins from some external programme haha

Also @aaron_aardvark - Imagine being in a warzone, and there are 5 HUGE elephants charging straight at you with giant tusks covered with war paint and other terrifying accessories. You would run a mile, particularly if you have never seen an elephant in your life before

But yes, great song Owen! Keep it up!
Thank you for your recent feedback and sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

I'm assuming this is to be considered more of a "demo" so I won't comment too much on the production itself. I like the tone of the guitars although not so much the rhythm guitars coming in later which sound quite digital. For the lead guitars, that sound works very well though. The drums are almost non-existent in the mix, hard panning some of the drums to the left or right (keep the snare and bass drum in the middle) would probably help a bit. Either way, the recording gets the point across. I like the breakdowns, they add some progression and identity to the track. Good job, keep it up!