Just wondering. Cause i have seen stuff like a Yamaha beginner bass,a Squier, a epiphone and was wondering which is the best.
First of all, welcome back.

What genre/artists, what budget, do you have any particular preferences or requirements?

Those three companies make basses that are good for different stuff and have different quality levels at different price points.
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Squier Vintage Modified series, Jazz Bass or P Bass, take your pick.

When you get more proficient with the bass they are also fantastic modification platforms.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Anything that looks like a Fender.

Bands and Band Leaders look at Bassists as a Stage Prop.

They expect a certain presentation and look.

Do not go radically beyond a SUB Stingray, and although it has a quite battish neck profile, that is where I would direct a Beginner.

Stingray was Leo Fender's 4th (Precision Jazz Tele) swipe at the Bass Guitar and had significant and lasting alterations...

NOT mere and whimsical modifications or upgrades...

to the design of the Bass Guitar.

9v Active Preamp
Shortened length of G String/offset tuner
Large Magnet Pup
New sweet spot Pup Location = Richer tone

From what we know now about the extension of the length of strings to make more stable bass tones like the Low B, and now the addition of fanned frets coming into their own, every Fender could well gain greater performance from an inverted inline 4.

Such might get me to own one just for giggles one day.

It took some time for the StingRay to come into its own, but Tony Levin and Flea pushed it to the forefront by the late 80's.

In order to get gigs I should have brought a StingRay into my life as I cannot go back to the hit or miss of Fender deadspots, but the neck is just too battish.

The G&L's are beyond beginner, and are probably the most exotic you can go in the Country world. (Hmmm, Ray Pup Positioned G&L with a Left handed Neck with Right hand markers.....Hmm...I might have something worth buying there)

For now, to learn and get gigs, just be adjusted to Battish and tonally challenged necks.

WARNING: Do not ever think for a minute that a neck through bass is going to bring something to your playing, unless you perhaps you need less percussive tone. On the issue of attack, NT is to Bolt on what Fretless is to Fretted.
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