This has been a song on my mind for a VERY long time. finally was able to capture the vibe i wanted. may not be 100 percent done, but let me know what you guys think. ill definitely check out your music as well if you provide a link.

Andromeda Soundcloud
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The intro reminds me of Nirvana; later on the guitar reminds me more of the Floyd. Vocals (good) remind me a bit of Pink Floyd. Guitar playing is good, and I like all of the melodies (guitar & vocal). My only gripe is the amp buzz sound around 2:50, and perhaps a few clicking noises. Nice tune. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks Aaron!

i left you a review on your post.

i wish i could get rid of that darn buzz, but my electric guitar is very old and cheap! its signal cuts out half the freaking time, but its way too hard for me to write strictly acoustically. when i get the chance ill be investing in a new electric for sure!
sounds very emotional, a song that has a lot of meaning behind it. reminds me of kyuss's space cadet if youve ever heard it. both are beautiful songs. 'space and time make me blind' really sick lyric man. the progression around 2 mins is a nice change that sounds very melancholy, almost Porcupine Tree-like. i especially like the vocals around 3mins, very catchy and memorable material and i feel like this mite get stuck in my head as well. very nice job on this piece and i look foreward to hearing more from you.

Thanks for the crit! I really like this song dude, nice little bit of guitar over the chords and I like your vocals, it does have that Nirvana vibe I think I think this is one of those songs that has that build up quality about it and imo I think maybe some drums very near the ending area of the song to give the build a bigger feel?
Really clean guitar playing. Not sure if it's mic'd or DI, but it came out well either way. I think some reverb on the acoustics (low mix, medium decay) would sound nice and fill up some empty space. As for the vocals, intonation was pretty solid. I have to say that I'm not really a fan of this particular style of double tracking vocals only because the differences between the takes can be too obvious at times and it sounds off. For the most part though, I don't think this was an issue. The song has a very dark vibe about it, which seems like what you were going for. Well done sir!
the low mix reverb sounds like a great idea! honestly, i let my nostalgia of the song get in the way, and used an old vocal take for the chorus that i did on an itouch and used it to double the new take haha. it's interesting you pointed that out, i think i'm going to let go of the past and double the vocal a bit more solidly with a new take and my nice mic.

also i have no idea what sort of drums would work in the end. i had the same idea, but decided to upload it as is since i wanted to avoid overthinking the composition
Awesome. I won't even say anything else. Great work. Keep going.

Edit: In hindsight, I really should make it clear that I enjoyed listening to it very much.
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Cool guitar work dude. This song is going somewhere. Your vocal sounds oddly like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer in a certain sense.

It's quite good my friend. Definitely a dark vibe. I could see myself tripping out crazy to this song. Good stuff man, thanks for sharing.
All i have is a 2 input scarlett interface i plug my mic, or guitar into. i'm mixing on garageband, i really need some help getting a better sound with what i have. i'm looking into getting logic soon, but dont presently have the funds. any ideas?
Omg Sweet! Its perfect bro~ and so original. Loved the voice and guitar goes in tune so well. \\// Keep up the good work
Simply amazing track. You are clearly a wonderful songwriter. The guitar melodies work incredibly well with the subtle, slightly broken vocals. I checked some of your other stuff too, god why don't you have a record deal yet man?!

I just got started writing, I'd love to know what you think of my early ideas. Thanks!
i don't have a record deal yet, because I've been horrible at socializing, up until now i had no idea how incredibly important it was to connect with people, ive always been somewhat of a lurker i guess. i've found that i highly enjoy reviewing other peoples music
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i don't have a record deal yet, because I've been horrible at socializing, up until now i had no idea how incredibly important it was to connect with people, ive always been somewhat of a lurker i guess. i've found that i highly enjoy reviewing other peoples music

i'd like to see your stuff on youtube and stuff. You really should release a proper album, it'd be a real shame if such talent goes to waste.
Thanks for the crit, m'friend!

I really enjoy your vocals. The guitar playing is clean and has a great tone. I do wish that a drum breakdown came in sometime, though. Other than some buzz here and there and a click (sounds like a cable was unplugged or summat) this is an amazing song. I can't wait to hear more from you, dude!
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