So I recently decided that I'm going to save up to replace my licensed floyd rose on my Jackson. I just wanted to know what would be the approximate price for replacing it with a proper one? (All answers are appreciated)
assuming you can do the swap yourself and it's a direct swap (you need to tell us what your jackson is), the schaller floyd rose is around £110 on thomann, or the lockmeister (basically an OFR but with the Schaller stamp on it; Schaller makes the OFRs too) is around £120 (+/- around £10-£15 depending on colour).
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if it's a guitar you really love I'd go for it , but very few guitars that came stock with a licensed floyd rose are/were worth the upgrade in my eyes. The positive side is you now own a higher end tremolo you can put into other guitars if you wanted to.

For example this one guy brought a 1970s guitar forget the brand but it was bolt on , plywood sounding and he wanted a higher end bridge so he could get as much tone and sustain as his friends brand new schecter (neckthrough , the newer emgs and all). Had to bite my tongue not to laugh as I explained in broken english to this indian man that his guitar is better because it's neckthrough as no way in broken english could I explain to him mahogany sounds better than plywood.

anyways ... to help you out

*take the strings off - this is a given
if you know the string gauge and are ok with the tuning this is very easy
just measure the screw heads on the claw distance from the end of the routing on the back of the guitar. Measure it and put the new bridge in the exact same way. I've attached a bit of help in the bottom. This trick also helps before adjusting the tuning, write down the measurements and you'll never go to a guitar shop again for spring adjustments. In canada we pay 50-70$ for it for some reason.

one tip
some guys even use chap stick on the tremolos posts where the knife edges of the floyd rose come in contact with the posts for the floyd rose. The spanish guy who did floyd rose vs kahler videos was where i got that tip from.

I'm a big fan of floyd upgrade parts and the slightly cheaper floyd rose original 1000 (all steel but made in Korea) , a brass big blocks a big improvement in tone. The only people who say snake oil are deaf in my opinion. You can put brass upgrades on licensed floyd roses just fine and you'll get more volume , tone and resonance. I can get really technical in why but yeah .. check the youtube video and let your ears decide.

If it must be german go with the low profile original floyd rose or the german original that has no fine tuners (it's cheaper). the one to avoid is the special floyd rose , it's a tiny upgrade but nothing noticeable. I know many who hate these bridges because it's still the cheap easily worn out zinc saddles on the bridge and the bridges block is zinc too (taken 5 apart). So it's only 1/3rd an original without spending the difference of the original with or without graphtech, ebay or a FR upgrade site/supplier

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So I recently decided that I'm going to save up to replace my licensed floyd rose on my Jackson. I just wanted to know what would be the approximate price for replacing it with a proper one? (All answers are appreciated)

You may not want to bother replacing it.
Honestly, until something goes wrong with it or you need to make a modification that can't be accomplished with the original licensed version, there's really no point.

In fact, I've got a licensed Floyd on a guitar that was new in 1992. It wasn't a bad licensed version in the first place, but I went and purchased a new Schaller OFR several years ago just to have on the shelf for when the original died on me. The original is still working perfectly, however, so I've never replaced it.