Hello everyone!

By listening to a song I was able to write a piece to Guitar Pro.

But even though I know what the sound is, I can't seem to figure out finger position to play it.

Here's the tab:

Anyway, that is exactly how the song sounds having the notes displayed on the tab i couldn't play it.

I figured, obviously that's not how the guitar player was playing when he recorded it. But having these notes, can anyone help me figure out a possible way to play it?

I should point that in the tab the guitar has a dropped tunning (Dropped C to be precise - doesn't change a lot but since I've put notes on the 6th string, thought I should point it).

Thanks in advance.
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I'd redo the fingering. Not hard.

Take the 3rd and 4th notes of the bar (the 4 and 6) and move them down a string to 9 and 11, and so forth.

That's too big of a stretch to make much sense. So, the first bar would look like this:

---------9--11-------9--------------- instead of


If you don't know: on a lower string, you move the note up 5 frets from the higher string, and it'll be the same note. The only exception is on the 2nd string - you only move up 4.

You'll just have to do a little work and refinger it. I'm pretty sure the way I wrote it above is the way it's played.