So I've been thinking about this for a while and I want to mod my "Schecter C-1 FR."
It was my first Schecter and I have fond memories of playing this thing, and would love to have this thing sound great and be able to stay in tune.

I also have the Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR and it just so happens that both guitars have black chrome hardware, and I've been thinking about buying black hardware for my Hellraiser model. So I'd have all the spare black chrome hardware that I could easily swap out in the Regular c-1.

I do believe I'd have to order another black chrome nut. Ive had a luthier tell me it was a different size than my Hellraiser when I've asked him to measure it for this. I'll find out all the minor details lol.

So basically I'd want to take all the hardware in my "Hellraiser" and replace it with black hardware. Then take the hardware that was taken out and put it into my C-1 FR. So I'd have an OFR, Grover tuners, and of course the volume and tone knobs.

I do want to get different pickups and put them in my Hellraiser so I'd have an EMG set left over. And it just so happens that my C-1 FR has insanely high output/muddy Duncan designed pickups.

So essentially I'd have a different beast afterwards. Would this be worth doing to a relatively cheap guitar? I'd have all these parts left over if I decided to do the cosmetic and pickup changes to my hellraiser. Should I sell the parts and try to buy another guitar or get some nostalgia back?
if you have your heart set on upgrading the other one, you're effectively getting the upgrades for free, so why not? if they don't improve the guitar you can then take those upgrades off and sell them separately.
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Go for it! If you don't like it, everything you're doing is a bolt-on mod, easy fix.