Hey guys I wrote this song a shot while ago but have now added lead parts, they may change in the future but that's what they are now! enjoy and C4C as always! I would like some feedback mainly on the Riffs if possible, and also the song in general. Thanks in advance

I am sitting here, stoned as ****, listening to this song and enjoying it very laid back. First thing I must confess is that I understood only one part of the lyrics, and that was nanana xD but I like your spirit. The bass made me wonder what overdrive you use on it, mix wise I think that the chorus was the best part. I think you need a better microphone for the vocals and even for the acoustic guitar, would be nice. That's all I can tell you right now, can't blame a man for blazing it ))
Oh hell yeah dude. Reminds me of Brian Jonestown Massacre - do you know em? First riff got me going. Great tone on the vocals. Same goes for lead guitar. You're a good singer, my friend. Agree with the above not totally sure what you're talking about but it totally fits the vibe of the song.

Awesome stuff dude. Crit wise, you could add some drums but it's definitely not needed. Quality could be improved but I do like the lo-finess.

This is a real treat dude. Rock n fawkin roll. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Like the echo delay on the intro guitar. When the vocals kick in, it sounds very 60's, especially with the fuzzy guitar (fine by me). Singing and vocal melodies are rather good. Nice guitar riffs & tones. I wonder what some drums would do for this, but otherwise sounds quite good! Please review my music at this link: