Hey guys, been a while since I lasted got around to writing/recording anything but here's my latest effort, "Emerge".

Been listening to a lot of Chon recently and wanted to try writing a jazzy instrumental track that's interesting enough to hold it's own without vocals. So mostly feedback on my playing and any parts of the song would be great!

Kept the mixing quite simplistic, almost like it's in a live room/rehearsal. Tried a few different things with regards to the mixing so maybe not my best - any comments would be cool though.

As per, leave me a comment + a link to your work and I'll check it out!


This reminds me of a jazzy Yes towards the beginning. Guitar playing is impressive/tight. A few parts are a bit repetitive, but otherwise a pretty cool song! Cool bass around 2:20!! How are you doing those quick pitch bends? Just bending the strings really fast? Maybe some Whammy pedal? Please review my music at this link:

Very neat and sophisticated music here. Somewhere between progressive rock, fusion, jazz and rock, taking elements of them all in this eclectic brew of accomplished musicianship and clever composition.
Some of the cymbal crashes are too brash. Overall the drums are a bit haphazard, but nothing too bad. The guitar and bass are superbly played, full of arty articulations, well engineered too.
Some mighty slap bass, bring it on!!!!
I would suggest tightening the drums to open the tracks out, as they are they're too cluttered and noisy.
Maybe adding some subtle keyboard washes or pads might lift and expand this sound.
But loads of potential here, and heaps of consummate musicianship.
For a cheery change you can C4C here.
Very proficient playing there. I like the amount of variety - if you have a feel for odd times this can be a joy to listen to. That's a very good clean tone too; it doesn't shy in comparison to the drums and bass. Cool chord feel at 1:23, it changes the feel and then the arp style melodies after it sound fun to play. Gotta love that slap section - I get a Meshuggah vibe. Sound production wise, sounds all good to my ear. Nice work.

If you're interested in some C4C here's my latest: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1686205
This is some really sick jazz. The lead playing is very intricate and somewhat slippery, leading the song along on its way. I wish the bass was a little louder and thicker in the mix, but besides that I think the mixing is well done. Drums are on point, the chord progressions are slick. I especially like around 1:40 as it reminds me of Lotus, very chill. Dirty bass lines around 2 mins in. THis stuff grooves nicely. Honestly wish I could like this song twice, its pretty filthy Nice return on the ending, overall my favorite song I've listened to today!

Hey man, thanks for your review!

This is interesting. The beginning reminds me a bit of Bach, it's quite cool, the harmonised guitars.
It gets more jazzy as it goes on.
This is one of the few songs I find on here which really retain interest for the whole of the thing. The repeating idea at around 1:48 sounds really cool. Very prog. The tones are nice, mix is good, and the bass solo that comes in is a breath of fresh air. Cool song man, I really liked it. Not really much for me to say for improvement besides write more and gig so you can build a following haha