Apparently called "skipping" in the UK.

I've collected wood and discarded furniture from the side of the road, as well as electronic parts from my local recycling point.

Has anyone ever done it for food? Considering how much unsold food gets thrown out on a daily basis, I'd imagine store owners would want to limit access to their bins as much as possible.
No I have not.
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I'm in France and was just in Lidl where two kids were taking food out of the bins in the back.

Poverty is real bro.
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A lot of people take this shit seriously around here during spring cleaning. There's always plenty of pickup trucks filled with scrap metal scalvaging throughout upper class neighborhoods.

I did collect some scrap electronics this spring to take components out of.
When I lived in Melbourne we dumpstered food all the time. We had about 13 people at our house and fed everyone with probably 85 - 90 % food from bins. We had a lot of time on our hands though, so go out at night then sort and wash the stuff. I was blown away by the quality of the food we got.
No I haven't eaten garbage lately.
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I got abuncha bubblewrap to mail my brother a guitar and a guitar box at the musicstore for said purpose .
i know someone who does it, its pretty gross, especially since he only does it to save money so he can buy more coke at the weekend

People who have to because of their situation (ie homeless / poor) I sympathise with, and all I have to add is that the food bank schemes are really improving and we're working on managing the food waste/redistribution problem. The only bad thing about it, is that the food could be spoiled ect, and it'd really suck to get the shits or something when you're homeless

I also think its pretty ridiculous that a country as advanced as (we think) we are has such a huge problem with people not being able to afford food
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Azusa Pacific has had a few that I've seen. My dad and I visited one of the apartments by the college and saw some guys scavenging. They found some pretty good stuff, but my dad wanted to be extra nice.

He hid a box full of unopened wine bottles under the bin when the guys stopped looking. When they saw it, they were quite happy.

This is what you do with cheap wine, people.
Sneak into a theater after a movie is over and get popcorn, probably safer than directly from the garbage can
i've wanted to go dumpster diving behind a Gamestop ever since i heard they throw away perfectly good games and consoles, but i heard more recently they started locking their dumpsters.

a friend of mine does it. also hopped trains all the way up the east coast recently.

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I hear people can get some pretty decent quality stuff doing it.

Personally, I don't understand why some places just throw their stuff out, when they could maybe tell a local charity about it and let them deal with it.
I worked at a buffet place, and they would throw out all/most of the food at the end of every night, and the stuff was pretty nice too.
I asked the manager why they just throw it out instead of giving it to the homeless, and he said it's because the buffet place would be liable if anybody gets food poisoning.
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I used to do this all of the time at different trader joe's and whole foods in my city. Even like behind see's candies. Most of the time the employees would leave a bunch of food out for scavenger people but I'd go sometimes and go through the bins and always have enough for like weeks to eat of just the most high quality food and desserts and all packaged and brand new. Like truckloads literally if you bothered to. Lots of chocolates behind sees candies sometimes. Even like luxury soaps and hair products and wine. You have to sift through a lot of nasty stuff though so you gotta wear gloves. And also it can land you in serious shit with the police so you have to make it quick. Always scope your surroundings before going lol. I'd feel like a raccoon and take away sooo much loot. Also sometimes donate to the local charitable food organizations to give out for free. Don't go alone
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Sneak into a theater after a movie is over and get popcorn, probably safer than directly from the garbage can

You do realise you must pay for the movie in order to enter the rooms to begin with, eh? The price for a single ticket at the cinema is worth plenty of food and probably not worth the entertainment given today's releases. Case in point:


9%, people.