I have been learning Arctic Monkey's R u mine for a while now and I have the bulk of it learnt, such as the solo and main riff. There is however a part in the chorus it says play this

e |-----------------------
B |----------------------
G |-7--7-7--6--4--4-4
D |-x--x-x--x--x--x-x
A |-5--5-5-4--2--2-2
E |----------------------
(I have some aligning issues)

How do I play this?, at first I thought it was a open D but I don't know if I am wrong. It doesn't sound right. If I need to mute it how do I go about this? Thanks for anyone who can help
just lay the finger the one you use to hold the 5 fret down on the A string and mute the D string, I guess that's what that means muted string.
ayreon put it out nicely, fret finger muting feels like cheating but its awesome haha
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Use your index finger to fret the A string and your pinky to fret the G string. Use the back or the side of your index finger to mute out the D string.