This is a concept I came up with. I never touch the normal tone knob but it was a challenge none the less. The big concern is that with strats and RG's to get my point across that many will never drill into their guitars so the "new" tone knob will solve that problem as well as give you a lot of flexibility. Originally this started as a les paul project but I figured why not with strats as this is loosely based off of a few of david gilmours guitars. Passive electronics being cheaper this was a fun challenge. all the tone knobs are independent, they work on all 3 pickups.

master volume - 250k or 500k whatever fits your guitar - it has to be a push pull for the 7 way mod
(7 way mod = use the outer 2 pickups or all 3 which strats can't do)
this can split coils if you wanted it to instead if you've got 2 pickups with a slight re-wiring

tone (Treble cut)- pull up to "deactivate" all three bands of the EQ for an arguably clearer sound as if the components aren't there.

the last knobs a concentric. It's like two knobs stacked
you get a fender greasebucket tone knob - cuts bass , tightens the lows ..etc
the other portion the torres engineering mid scoop / boost.

this can be done with 3 or 5 way blades as well as 3 way toggles. The tone knobs I'd get B500k instead of 250k if you're a strat player. It just makes the knobs more sensitive.

one thing to note, when i made the first mid scoop/boost , perfect 10 and 0 was like a killswitch. I added the 2nd push pull to de-activate the EQ for a few reasons. Biggest being to simplify things. With the price of resistors, audio transformers and capacitors this is far cheaper than a new pickup unless you get really high end everything as in total there is 9 components.

I'd suggest this for high output 4 wire single coils or humbuckers. This works for anything from lipstick to p90s to whatever else in between. But yeah about the torres mid scoop check out my blog how to work with the audio transformer properly. I'll attach a simple diagram of it. But the blog explains it better.. however I'd love to know how/what the capacitors and resistors do in greater detail as in a prototype I have a 2.6H inductor (not 1.5) and wanted to know more about how this works.

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