Hey folks,

So after many a years of six string wankery I'm starting to write more and more from a rhytm standpoint. Because of this I'm buying a bass (Sterling Sub RAY 4).

Obviously playing a bass through a guitar amp (in this case a Line 6 Spyder IV 120w ) may damage it or at least sound incredibly muddy and allround

As the title states: can I play bass through a guitar amp if I use headphones? At least until I find either a physical or digital solution.


i think so (but don't quote me on it). normally people say the speakers are the big problem with playing bass through a guitar amp. but wait till someone else who knows for sure can answer.
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That amp has more than enough headroom to play bass on it comfortably in your house. Just avoid turning it up all the way.

Fun note: I've played an outdoor gig on bass through a line 6 spider IV 150w head, turning it up past halfway, and I've had no issues
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There are a number of really sophisticated headphone amps out there (I mentioned the Korg Pandora PX5D and the Mini in another thread). This thing is actually about the size of a pack of cigarettes, but has a LOT of practice bits and pieces, such as a tuner, metronome, bass and drum lines, phrase trainer, slower-downer, pitch changer and a ton of amps/cabs/FX built in.

In addition, the Bass Pod XT is a great buy used for bass practice through a headphone OR for running direct into a powered speaker or PA mixer. The Pod X3 has all of the bass amps/cabs from the Bass Pod XT as well. You can find the Bass XT for around $80 used. Amps, Cabs, FX, the whole shot.

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