After asking about what guitars I should consider at the beginning of the summer in this thread, I finally made my decision.

I've spent the last few months trying out guitar after guitar, and I was struck by one in particular. Trying it on a few different occasions at the local Guitar Center, I bit the bullet and purchased it today. To my surprise, it's a 2013 model that was still new at it's price was dropped by $500.

I introduce to you, my new 2013 Fender American Standard Stratocaster:

(Pics are in attachments. Photobucket is being a PITA and won't let me sign into my account)

The Specs on the Beauty:

Ash body
Maple neck/Rosewood fingerboard
HSS pickups with Shawbucker and two Fender custom-shop single coils
Sienna Sunburst
2-point Vibrato System

The Review:

I can't believe this has been sitting at my local GC for almost 2 years, and it was dropped to $1k with a case. I actually really like how the neck feels on this. Out of the couple American Strats that I've tried, this one if the most comfortable for me to play. As a whole, the guitar is comfortable to play both sitting down and standing up.

The pickups sound lovely threw my Vintage Modern. On the Hi-gain setting, the guitar really pushes the amp to get a nice crunch while being able to roll-off a bit to get some cleaner sounds. On the Low-gain setting, it sounds lovely and gives off a crystal clear clean tone. There is the slightest amount of that "Fender 60-cycle hum" present due to it not being the the noiseless set like in their American Deluxes. The hum can be fixed with my NS-2 and potentially shielding the pickup cavity.

I'll definitely have to get more time with it so I can develop an even better opinion of this amazing guitar. So far, I do love it. The only thing I'd change about this guitar is going in and shielding the pickup cavity and possibly adding in a treble-bleed if it doesn't already have one.

Edit: I was filling out the Owner's Registration card, and it was asking for a Model/Part number as well as a Serial Number. I easily found the serial number on the back, but I don't know what the Model Number is. Any clues?
Body Shot 2.jpg
Magazine Cover 2.jpg
Chillin' in the Case 2.jpg
Case Candy 2.jpg
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Not sure about the model number

Looks sweet (as far as I can see, those attachments are teeny )
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