Hi this is my first thread i own a gdec3 and a washburn x50q, i found a 50% off oneday sale in a local guitar store for this two guitars:



Will you recommend one of those a good option for a gdec3 15 or should i stay with my x50q and only changue the pickups,so if this is a better choice are the Duncan pro alnico ii good for the x50q??

the gdec3 in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcOsUAjNWj4

so what should i do?

sorry for my bad english, i like play all styles kind of amateur jamming
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Whatever you think feels the best in your hand. I doubt you'll hear much of a difference through all that modulation.
which x50 is it? there used to be an x50pro which already had duncans, it was pretty nice.
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