I finally managed to earn enough money to buy a second guitar. I'm looking for a guitar around the 700$-900$. These two PRS guitars caught my attention : SE Santana and SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24. Did anyone try these guitars out and have something to say about them? (Differences, feel, sound)

If it can help, I currently have a Jaguar Classic Player with a Super Distortion in the bridge and a Humbucker from Hell in the neck. Amp is a Tiny Terror.
They’re both excellent guitars. The big difference is that the Santana has a 24.5" scale, which might take some getting used to—and might be unplayable if you have big hands.
Ive played both, and have the Zach Meyers in Trampas green.

I would definitely go for the Anniversary Custom 24. Looks and feels better...to me.
I've got a Santana model. I love the way it sounds and feels. Nothing bad to say about it.
I might be able to grab an used S2 Custom 24 for dirt cheap, which would be great. If this plan doesn't pan out, I've seen a few used SE Santana for 400 bucks. Will see where that leads me. Thanks for the heads-up guys!

+ Also, did any of you try a SE 245? How does it compare to the SE Santana?
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I had an SE245, and the SE Santana...

I traded the SE245 for a Godin Progression Boutique a few months ago...

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the guitar, but here are the reason's for the trade:

- The neck was thicker than the Santana, and although I used to like 50's style, thicker necks, I recently changed preference to slimmer necks, and as a result didn't play this guitar that much.

- It was so close to my Gibson LP studio, so I felt I could use it as trade bait...

To me, sound wise between the SE245 and Santana, they very were similar (they had same pickups and both mahogany I believe). Of course, it could just be me and my tone-deaf ears...
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