I'm looking to purchase a new-to-me electric guitar. Initially, I look to start out and mess around in Rocksmith, so an amp isn't required at this time. I do want to develop over time, but one thing at a time.

Budget: Ideally $200 or less, possibly up to $300. New would be great, but I'm not hung up on getting it used.

Artists-Guitarists: Mark Tremonti, Mike Eizenger, Brian "Head" Welch
Artists-Bands: Korn, Alter Bridge, Suicide Silence, Incubus, Devil Driver, Sevendust

Playing: Rock and Metal.

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have a Guitar Center.

Beyond that, I'm new to this and still reading. I haven't owned a guitar before and the last time I played a musical instrument was mostly something in the brass category back in high school.

I know I should have a solid foundation in the guitar, but I don't know what. I had considered the Les Paul Special II or the Ibanez Gio until I saw some folks having concerns about the quality. I know I won't get the top-end, but I would like something that could handle a performance if something would get off the ground. I'm not set on any particular brand.

I would say go for the Jackson JS series. I had one and for the price, I have not played anything better. I would have whatever you get set up properly.
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You're not going to be great in the beginning, you pretty much need a guitar to get started on. So if your guitar isn't awesome, you won't really notice anyway. Pretty much try to avoid the guitars that come with an amp and stand bundle for 140 bucks(I guess these come from walmart or bestbuy maybe?). Anyway, after a couple years, if you're still into it upgrade. So if you want a LP special II or the Ibanez Gio, then get it. Don't worry about quality. For your price range you could get what you suggested, what eoj02 suggested, A Yamaha wouldn't hurt, you could get a dean. Might try a pawn shop, just make sure the guitar works before the sale.

My first guitar was like a Yamaha EG-112C and I didn't think it was a piece of shit for a couple years because there was plenty I could still learn and a lot of skill I still had to develop on it(and the broke ass amp I had :P).
Yeah, I was pretty sure I wasn't getting the luxury model, but I guess I'm trying to find something more than just a polished turd. :P

Anyway, when one says "have it setup" what does that mean? And what sort of costs am I looking at for that service?
Fernandes is having a clearance sale through their online store, and there are still a couple of real steals to be had:

Dragonfly Standard:

It IS about $50 more than your budget, but that's a lot of new guitar for the price- they usually cost @$650. If you look on eBay, Reverb, or other sites, you'll be able to find used ones between $180-300.

"Setup" refers to making sure all the little mechanical details are properly done: that the neck has proper relief (it isn't curved incorrectly), that the action (string's elevation above the fretboard and pickups) isn't too high or low, making sure it is properly intonated (is in tune the length if the fretboard), etc.
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I recently rediscovered the discontinued Godin SD. They're a hybrid- a Les Paul bodystyle with features common to many Stratocasters. Made in the USA and in Canada. Used prics range from @$180-400, depending on condition, color, location, etc.



Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!
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The Godin SD has me intrigued, so that might be worth tracking down.
I have a chance to actually sit and get a feel now that the kids are all in school because I've only had a brief chance to hold that LP.

Edit: Also looked at prices of the Dragonfly, so that's on the short list.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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