Okay so I have an odd problem that I cannot sort out. I have a Marshall JVM410h and anytime I put anything in front of it, it hums terribly and loudly, except if the chain is just guitar>lead>input. I have even tried using ONLY the signal path of Guitar>Shure Wireless System>Input and eliminating all pedals the hum still comes. It literally seems to be anytime you put anything infront of it. I have singled out and tested all of my pedals and wireless system which are fine and have even tried powered them from a different AC outlet than me amp. This has also happened when I add more than 1 pedal in the signal chain with my JCM900 and Peavey 6505. I have brought a T-rex fuel tank JR isolated power supply for the pedals, still no change. This happens at home and out of home.

My Signal chain is as following:

Guitar (have tried multiple)
Shure PGX14 Wireless
Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q
TC Electronic Poly Tune
Boss NS-2
Vox Time Machine Delay (FX Loop)
*All Powered by T-Rex Fuel Tank JR.

PLEASE any ideas?
hmm. it seems like you've tried a lot. Maybe it's a non-shielded cables issue with the wireless system? Or a grounding issue?
If you've tried all of this, and still nothing works, it's time to bring everything to a professional.

It soulc also be from nearby electronics in the room/area. See if keeping away from other electronics/cells phones/wireless eq/etc works.